Sony: Jimi Hendrix

Immersive iPad experience for fans to connect with Jimi's legacy.

Agency: Universal Mind
Team Members: Joe Johnston, Christian Saylor, Derik Lolli, David Tucker
Sony Music wanted to replicate the forgotten music experience of buying an album, reading the liner notes from front to back, poring over every lyric, sentiment, and word written by the band or artist. In recreating this experience for the modern world, they were hoping it would help promote its music library, lead to an increase business opportunities and ultimately boost the bottom line.
We created a digital music experience for Jimi Hendrix via an iOS app as a completely new way of publishing content.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience supports interactive photos, videos, location and geofence detection, media library integration, social media integration, device synchronization, in-app purchasing, and a second screen experience.
In the first week in the App Store, the app was #2 among all free iPad music apps, and #36 for ALL free iPad apps. It was then selected as an Official Honoree for a Webby in the Music category.
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